Control and regulate your power system with our exquisitely designed Switchgear. Their manufacturing process requires complete implementation of approved WAPDA standard/policy, focusing on the safe operation and easy maintenance strategy.

transformer manufacturer

Medium Voltage Switchgears

11kV Switchgears

• Metering Panels
• Protection Panels
• Industrial Panels
Incorporating VCBs from Schneider, Hyundai, ABB, Siemens


• WAPDA (P44:96)

Technical Data

• Rated voltage up to 17.5 KV
• Rated Current 630 ~ 2500 A
• Rated short-time current up to 40 KA
• Cb type vacuum

Ring Main Units:

• 3 ways, 4 ways, 5 ways
• LBS arrangements
• LBS + Fuse protection arrangements
• VCB arrangements
Incorporating switchgear from Schneider, ABB, Lucy & Siemens.

Low Voltage Switchgears

Technical Data

• LT Panels
• AMF / ATS Panels
• PFI Panels
• Motor Control Centers (Fixed & Draw out)
• Synchronizing Panels
• Distribution Boards
• Bus Tie Ducts
• LT Service Boxe

Incorporating leading switchgear brands, i.e., Schneider, ABB, Terasaki, Legrand, Chint.


• Welded
• Bolted
Confirming to IEC standards and various IP clauses.